Patching VCSA 6.7 using VAMI – no updates found

I recently wanted to make sure that my lab environment was on the latest VCSA version (Platform Service Controller and vCenter) so I went to the VAMI interface on my PSC and quickly discovered that there were no updates – that’s was strange because my PSC was at build 8217866 (build and according to the vSphere version list KB2143838 there has been released some newer versions 

My PSC shows build 8217866

vCenter versions

VMware KB2143838 shows build 8546234 (


Luckily there is an easy fix to this issue – all it requires is to change update source to the following “Custom repository URL” under “Settings”:

And then check for updates

Hit “Check for CD ROM + URL”


You can read more about this issue at VMware KB55683



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