Error when updating vCenter to 6.7 U2c

A few days ago, I decided to update my vCenter server to version 6.7 U2c – normally this is an easy task with the update section in the VAMI interface. But this time I just encountered this error message when I tried to search for the update:

Error in method invocation ({‘default_message’: ‘Manifest verification failed’, ‘id’: ‘com.vmware.appliance.update.manifest_verification_failed’, ‘args’: []}, ‘Verification Failure\n’, ”)

I recalled that I had a similar error in one of the earlier releases (one of my first blogs post) so I decided to change the repository path and with a little guessing I figured out that i should be:
Click “Settings”
Change the URL path

After this I was able to search for the update

Problem solved, new update is visible and ready for “stage and install”

After a successful update, I suggest that you bring the repository setting back to its default value: “Use default repository”

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