VSAN.goto11 option in Skyline Health

Recently I saw this “error” in Skyline Health on a VSAN running version 7.U3o. The host that had the error was the virtual witness appliance.

VMware has a KB about this problem Creating vSAN clusters up to 64 nodes (2110081) (vmware.com) – but the KB states that this issue should not be present in version 7.0U3d and later:

Steps for vSAN 7.0U3d and later:
The large cluster support is enabled by default. The user does not need to perform any additional configuration steps to configure vSAN clusters with more than 32 nodes or extend existing clusters beyond 32 nodes.

So with this cluster already being at version that should not suffer this issue – I tried to run this command on the witness appliance from a SSH session:

esxcli system settings advanced set -o /VSAN/goto11 -i 1

After this, I rebooted, and the problem was solved

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